“Dear Henri, I’m deeply grateful for the courageous and vulnerable way you lived.”

Brené Brown

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“Timeless wisdom for life from one of the great spiritual masters of our age.”
James Martin, SJ
"Henri Nouwen was so honest about what a mess he was. It gives you life, for someone that you love to say ‘me too.'”
Anne Lamott
"A superb Christian teacher who will surely stand the test of time."
Fr. Richard Rohr

“It’s a great podcast - that pierces your heart!”

In these engaging podcasts, Karen Pascal (former Executive Director, Henri Nouwen Society), interviews spiritual writers, thinkers and leaders that have all been influenced by Henri Nouwen. They share about Henri’s impact on shaping their own lives, and ways that his ideas continue to resonate and be relevant today.

Some of our most recent guests include Marin Sheen and best-selling authors: Anne Lamott, Parker J. Palmer,  Lisa Harper, Barbara Brown Taylor, Brian D. McLaren, Joyce Rupp, Ann Voskamp and James Martin.

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Over the past several years, the Henri Nouwen Society has been able to sponsor, co-sponsor and advertise a number of seminars, workshops, webinars and retreats across North America. These events are an occasion for people from all walks of life to explore spiritual themes that emerge in the writings of Henri Nouwen.

Most recently, the Henri Nouwen Society produced, in partnership with World Vision, the 5-part video series A Spirituality of Fundraising: For those Who Give & Raise Funds. This event brought together philanthropists and fundraisers for honest and rich conversations about spiritual postures and practices for health and sustainability.

UPCOMING EVENTS A Spirituality of Fundraising

Praise from the Community

“I don’t know where I’d be without Henri Nouwen’s writing.”

Dr. Ruth Haley Barton

“A life-changing experience occurred when I was in a dark place in life and read Henri’s meditations.”

Bill, USA

“Often I’ve felt as though Henri wrote from the cries of my own heart.”

Pauline, Australia

“I use Henri’s work in my own ministry with students and pastors… so it’s about time I started supporting HNS!”

David H.

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