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A Nouwen classic. During his seven-month stay in a Trappist monastery, Henri Nouwen had a unique opportunity to explore crucial issues of the spiritual life and discover “a quiet stream underneath the fluctuating affirmations and rejections of my little world.” Nouwen participated fully in the daily life of the Abbey of the Genesee in upstate New York — in work and in prayer. From the early weeks in the abbey — dominated by conflicting desires and concerns — to the final days of Advent, when he finds a new sense of calm expectation, Nouwen never loses his critical honesty. Insightful, compassionate, often humorous, always realistic, The Genesee Diary is both an inspiration and a challenge to those who are in search of themselves.

Themes: Spiritual Life, God, Prayer, Contemplation, Silence, Social Justice, Solitude, Henri Nouwen

Doubleday, 1976

Praise for "The Genesee Diary"

"It’s honest, so so very honest, the most honest of Henri I’ve read. It’s not screaming for attention, it’s not lecturing, it’s a collection of gentle thoughts trying to lean into a more Gentle Voice."
"Henri is brutally honest in his writing and faces his feelings of inadequacy, anger, confusion, and moodiness. It is refreshing to experience his struggles and how to become a better person."
"This is a very honest and self-effacing book which has earned its classic status in Christian spirituality. Well worth reading and re-reading."

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