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This book was written by Henri Nouwen at the invitation of his editor Bob Heller at Crossroads.  It is a “long examination of faith, an extended personal statement of faith and a series of glimpses into the kingdom of God.”  The book is divided into 11 chapters: Living in the Present, Joy, Suffering, Conversion, Disciplined Living, The Spiritual Life, Prayer, Compassion, Family, Relationships, Who We Are.  The book is a coherent vision of the spiritual life as Henri Nouwen understood it after 40 years of ministry and 60 years of life. 

“My hope is that the description of God’s love in my life will give you the freedom and courage to discover – and maybe also describe – God’s love in yours.” (Here and Now, 202)

Themes: God, Spiritual Life, Identity, Present Moment, Joy, Suffering, Conversion, Prayer, Compassion, Family, Relationships

Crossroad, 1994

Praise for "Here and Now"

"Easily one of my favorites by Nouwen - such beautiful wisdom on seeing and living out the heart of God in the ordinariness of life."
"This is essential Nouwen! Great essays on the meaning and purpose of life."
"He has such a compassionate voice, and reading this was like sitting and listening to the advice and encouragement of an old friend."

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