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Enhanced by some eighty-five photographs depicting various scenes from life and nature, this book shows how to make the later years a source of hope rather than a time of loneliness — a way out of darkness into the light. “Aging,” the authors write, “is not a reason for despair, but a basis of hope, not a slow decaying, but a gradual maturing, not a fate to be undergone but a chance to be embraced.” And they remind us of our responsibility to incorporate the aged into the fabric of our own lives — helping them become teachers again so they may help us repair the fragmented connections between generations.

Themes: Aging, Caregiving, Pastoral Care, Compassion, Ministry, Loneliness, Loss

Doubleday, 1974

Praise for "Aging"

"Amazing book! Unique insight on restoring the connection between the older aging and the younger aging."
"As a younger person (mid 20's) I picked up this book because I am a pastor of an older congregation. I have found that it contains so many lessons that I needed to learn, wisdom every young person needs to learn. This book should be read by all ages."
"A beautiful, aching, hopeful spirituality of aging."

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