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The main concern of this book is the relationship between professionalism and spirituality in ministry. “There is today a great hunger for a new spirituality,” observes Nouwen, “a hunger that requires new and creative forms of ministry.” Separate chapters treat each of the five areas that Nouwen considers the primary responsibilities of the minister: teaching, preaching, counseling, organizing, and celebrating. He shows how these main functions are inextricably tied to the minister’s spiritual life.

Themes: Christian Leadership, Ministry, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Life, Teaching, Preaching, Counseling, Celebrating, Organizing

Doubleday, 1971

Praise for "Creative Ministry"

"A must read for any Christian teacher or preacher. Nouwen is a wonderfully approachable author, and this book is no exception."
"Nouwen provides guidance and inspiration for anyone called to ministry - not just the priesthood. A great read!"
"Though written for a Christian audience, Nouwen's message is one that transcends religious boundaries and offers wisdom for anyone working with programs that serve others."

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