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This very short book has its origins in a request from Pauline Vanier (Jean Vanier’s mother) for Nouwen to write a contemporary interpretation of the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Nouwen decides instead to “let the heart of Jesus touch my own heart” and writes, in prayer, three meditations to the heart of Jesus.  His inspiration comes from scripture – Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who labor and are overburdened” John 19:31-37 (“the soldiers pieced his side with a lance”) and John 20:19-20, 24-29 (“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”).  The result is an intimate glimpse into Nouwen’s heart including his struggles with doubt, vulnerability and faithfulness. Nouwen hoped that “all who will pray these prayers will also experience the healing and renewing love that flows from the heart of Jesus.”

Themes: Jesus, Prayer, Suffering, Heart, Trust, Faithfulness, Brokenness, Unity, Love, Wounds, Home, Inner peace, Pauline Vanier, Nouwen’s relationship with Jesus (his inner dialogue)

Ave Maria Press, 1989

Reviews for "Heart Speaks to Heart"

"Nouwen is my devotional Master. I highly recommend reading this short book of prayers as part of your Easter celebration."
"Beautiful, simple and so real. For those looking to deepen a relationship with the heart of Christ."
"What I found particularly special about the prayers is I saw myself in each of them. That's the wonder of Nouwen's writing: he is able to capture the essence of the "everyman" in his words."

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