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Nouwen’s second book, first published in Dutch in The Netherlands, is a short work consisting of his reflections on the spirituality and life of Thomas Merton. Also included is Nouwen’s selection of Merton’s writing (some of which were unpublished at the time) which were meant as jumping off points for meditation.

This is a concise introduction to the work of Merton and provides insight into young Nouwen’s own growing understanding of the role of contemplation in the life of a Christian.

Themes: Thomas Merton, Contemplation, Prayer, Meditation, Silence, Solitude, Umasking Illusions, God

Originally published in Dutch as Bidden om het leven: Het Contemplatief engagement van Thomas Merton (1970); also published as Pray to Live (Fides, 1972; HarperSanFrancisco, 1981) and Encounters with Merton: Spiritual Reflections (Crossroads, 2005)

Praise for "Encounters with Merton"

"This is a book you don't want to put down. i found it to be personally devotional, instructive and inspiring for one's own life."
"Nouwen on Merton: Does more need to be said to make this a best seller? Wonderful overview of the heart and development of Merton."
"Nouwen meets Merton. Very profound."

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