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In his continuing search for a deeper understanding of the spiritual life, Nouwen traveled often to the Trappist monastery in the Genesee Valley of upstate New York.  His first visit inspired The Genesee Diary, a moving account of his daily experiences and of the contemporary monastic life.  When he returned five years later, the familiar, comfortable daily rhythms of the contemplative life led him to concentrate his attention on meditation.  He disciplined himself to write a prayer each day, an endeavor that became this book.  As one reviewer remarked: “Reminiscent of some of the meditations and prayers of Thomas à Kempis in The Imitation of Christ.  Very personal, mystical and yet intensely practical intercessions.  A useful tool for personal reflection and meditation.”

A beautiful book of prayers expressing our heart’s fears, struggles and longings. Drawings by Earl Thollander.

Themes: Contemplation, Prayer, Service, Easter, Mercy, Service, Gratitude, Fear

Doubleday, 1981

Praise for "A Cry For Mercy"

"Phenomenal. A book of incredible prayers written by a true saint."
"Masterful! Rich, deep, and meaningful. I feel a special connection to this book as he wrote it while at the Abby of the Genesee."
"Words to pains and feelings I couldn’t express."

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