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This short book was written in response to questions posed to Nouwen by his friends: “What does it mean to live a spiritual life?” and “How do we live it?”. It was written primarily for Christians but also those who are more ambivalent yet “desire spiritual freedom.” Nouwen uses Jesus’ words “Do not worry” as his point of departure.  He looks at the destructive effects of worrying in our daily lives and then describes how Jesus responds to these worries.  The book concludes with specific disciplines to help decrease worry and allow the Spirit of God to “make all things new”.  Nouwen calls the reader away from the noise of the distracted life, to embrace solitude and community as meaningful pathways to spiritual depth and maturity.  He equips the reader to say “yes” to the presence of God deep within his or her life, following the spiritual hunger to its divine center.

Themes: Worry, Anxiety, Solitude, Community, Jesus

Harper Collins, 1981

Praise for "Making All Things New"

"Very quick! And very dear, as all Nouwen works are. I’m going to be working through his thoughts on the life of worry vs life in the spirit for a while."
"A beautiful and practical little book on the disciplines of solitude and community and their value in cultivating a spiritual life."
"I have returned to this little book again and again for its simple wisdom. In an age shaped by the false compulsions of news and anxiety, Nouwen helps us locate our real enemies --vague discontent, boredom, fear, false preoccupations."

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