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Nouwen classic.  This book was published in 1996 just before Nouwen’s sudden death,but was written between December 1987 and June 1988. It consists of sixty-two “spiritual imperatives” that Nouwen wrote to himself during a time of deep depression.  Nouwen called it “his secret journal” because the imperatives were written solely for himself.  But his friends, particularly Wendy Greer encouraged him to share them with a wider readership. 

Themes: Depression, Identity, God, Loneliness, Spiritual Life, Henri Nouwen, Mental health, Body, Suffering, Pain, Spiritual freedom, Emotions, Friendship, Wounds

Doubleday, 1996

Reviews for "The Inner Voice of Love"

"This is a book to be read and absorbed in small doses. It is a deeply personal and very honest book written during a time of great pain. But hopeful!"
"This short devotional wrapped me in unconditional love and peace. I love Henri Nouwen’s outlook on faith and the gracious love of God for us!"
"One of the most profound and personally significant books I've ever read."

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