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This book was written by Nouwen after the death of his handicapped friend Adam Arnett. “From the moment I saw Adam’s body lying in his casket, I was struck by the mystery of this man’s life and death…Adam’s death touched me deeply because for me he was the one who more than any book or professor led me to the person of Jesus.” Written in the final year of Nouwen’s life and published posthumously, it is an expression of Nouwen’s deep convictions as a Christian.

Themes: God, Jesus, Spiritual Life, Identity, Care, Death, Adam Arnett, Living Christ, Apostles Creed, Vulnerability, God’s unconditional love, The body, The heart, The Word made flesh, Incarnation, The sacramental life, Receiving love, Peace. Murray McDonnell, Inner healing, Mutuality of love, Miracles, Father Bruno, Jesus’ passion, Dependency, L’Arche Daybreak

Orbis, 1997

Reviews for "Adam: God's Beloved"

"Adam: God's Beloved was a beautiful read. I found myself wanting to mark down passage after passage, no small feat for a short book."
"This is one of those books that simply wrecked me in the best possible way."
"This should be required reading for anybody that is a parent, caregiver, or serves in some ministry capacity."

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