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A Nouwen classic.  This book addresses the question: what does it mean to be a minister in contemporary society? With characteristic precision drawn from his training in psychology, Nouwen provides an incisive diagnosis of the condition of modern North American society: hopelessness, loneliness and rootlessness.  He then suggests that rather than follow trends and increase professionalism, the minister is called to enter fully into the suffering and make his or her own wounds available as a source of healing.

Themes: Ministry, Pastoral Care, Suffering, Jesus, Compassion, Loneliness, Leadership, Pastoral Theology

Doubleday, 1972

Praise for "The Wounded Healer"

"I’ve read few books that have truly shaped and transformed my way of thinking and subsequently my way of living. This book stands among them."
"This is most definitely not a book to peruse through, but something to meditate on. Highly recommend this book for pastors, counselors and anyone who wants to help others."
"Nouwen is one of those classic Christian authors that I feel like every Christian should read in their lifetime. He has such a wonderful way of explaining theological ideas in a way that is both readable and practical."

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