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Putting Our Temperaments in the Service of God

July 28


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Our temperaments – whether flamboyant, phlegmatic, introverted, or extroverted – are quite permanent fixtures of our personalities. Still, the way we “use” our temperaments on a daily basis can vary greatly. When we are attentive to the Spirit of God within us, we will gradually learn to put our temperaments in the service of a virtuous life. Then flamboyancy gives great zeal for the Kingdom, phlegmatism helps to keep an even keel in times of crisis, introversion deepens the contemplative side, and extroversion encourages creative ministry.

Let’s live with our temperaments as with gifts that help us deepen our spiritual lives.

Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you -- guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. - 2 Timothy 1:14 (NIV)

How has your temperament shaped your spiritual journey and ministry?

Henri Nouwen

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