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In this two part Now & Then podcast, we feature Sean Mulrooney's morning and afternoon session at the one day Lenten retreat "Alone in the Desert."  Themes Include: Loneliness & Brokenness
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Karen Pascal, Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society, shares an excerpt from an interview Brian Stiller did in 1995 with Henri Nouwen at L'Arche Daybreak. Theme: Hope, Belovedness, Prayer & Solitude
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In this interview, Gabrielle Earnshaw shares how Henri's letters in 'Love, Henri' help us to live out our spiritual life.
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In this four part interview series, Sister Sue Mosteller discusses how Henri taught a father to bless his son, talks about the unique relationship that he had with Adam, gives insight into Henri's breakdown, and shares what it was like to have him as a friend.
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In this episode, Gabrielle Earnshaw talks with Executive Director Karen Pascal about compiling and editing Henri Nouwen’s ‘You Are the Beloved.’
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Former managing editor of The Catholic Worker and publisher of Orbis books, Robert Ellsberg shares what it was like to work closely with Henri Nouwen in his last years.
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In this interview, Ron Rolheiser discusses the incredible influence Henri Nouwen's writing as 'a spiritual master' has had on his own writing, Henri's challenge to find a home and struggle with downward mobility, and so much more.
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Praise from our podcast listeners

"Karen Pascal does a wonderful job interviewing. There is so much to ponder after each episode."
Sandra, USA
"It's a great podcast - that truly pierces your heart!"
Jude, UK
"A wonderful podcast that does a deep dive into Nouwen's teachings & influence on other leaders. I'm so enjoying these interviews!"
Matthew, Canada

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