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Posthumous Compilation of Nouwen’s Writing based on a theme using Henri Nouwen’s published and unpublished writing, authorized by the Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust, copyright held by the Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust

Judiciously chosen excerpts reveal how Nouwen viewed Christ in all his splendor—alongside 12 works by Rembrandt. 160 pages, softcover.

Themes: Jesus, Henri Nouwen

Edited by Michael O’Laughlin, Orbis Books, 2001

Praise for "Jesus: A Gospel"

"Beautifully written and illustrated, spiritually accessible."
"A must have for Nouwen fans! This is a book you can pick up and put down and read over and over for years."
Mary Jo
"It is always a rare treat for me to read Fr. Henri Nouwen's writings, and this is a particularly valuable resource."

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