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This is Henri Nouwen’s first book and addresses the central question of Nouwen’s life: “How can I find a creative and fulfilling intimacy in my relationship with God and my fellow human beings?” Nouwen explores the balance between intimacy and distance, the problems in trying to develop lasting and productive relationships on all levels, and the connections between intimacy and sexuality, prayer, faith, and the mental well-being of the minister. In Nouwen’s words: “It tries to deal directly… with our seldom articulated and often unrecognized desire for a real home in this world.”

Themes: Intimacy, Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Psychology, Relationships, Sexuality, Prayer, Mental Health, Depression, Love, Maturation, Inner Life

Fides, 1969

Praise for "Intimacy"

"The title may be misleading for those expecting only to read of relational intimacy. This is a challenging book, especially for someone in ministry, but one worth visiting and revisiting."
"This was my introduction to Henri Nouwen, whose clear and humble voice I enjoyed! It had some really great insights into college Christian living and ministry."
"Great insights on how to shore up a priests mental health and spiritual vitality in an often lonely ministry, both campus and chaplaincy, let alone the priesthood."

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