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This book is the published journal of Nouwen’s six-month sojourn in Bolivia and Peru to explore a missionary vocation with the Maryknoll fathers.  He went to Bolivia to study Spanish from October-December 1981 and then moved to a barrio in Lima Peru, for the first three months of 1982.  The journal documents Nouwen’s efforts to answer the question: “Does God call me to live and work in Latin America in the years to come?” It is an intensely personal account as well as a vital commentary on the how the church ought to be present in the world.

Themes: Identity, Discernment, Vocation, Liberation Theology, Missionary work, Ministry, Presence of God, the Church, Obedience, Listening, Letter Writing, Contemplation, Prayer, God, Children, Depression, Suffering, Social Justice, Henri Nouwen

Harper & Row, 1983

Praise for "Gracias!"

"If every missions major at every Christian college in America read this book before going on a "mission"--this world, and the kingdom of God--would be a much better place."
"Such humility and grace, to be taught by the poor--it should be required reading. Humbling and beautiful."
"Hands down one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. Transformational. Nouwen gives words to living among the poor that I have only ever vaguely grasped at."

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