God is at Work in the World

God is at Work in the World

November 15

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We have to learn how to think about the events of the day that take place in our community or in our larger world, and to see them as ways to come to know God in new ways. There is the spiritual life and the political world and the economic world, but somehow we must really believe that God is a God of history who works in the events of the day. . . . It is important that you learn to read the newspaper with a heart that sees God at work among his people and to be aware of the great struggle in which you are involved—struggles with the power of evil and the hidden love of God. God is present, but you have to be in touch with that very reality. . . . You might know about Ireland, and Iran and Iraq, and know about communities in different places that suffer . . . but do not see them as a set of distracting things but see God is at work in this world. The world and the reality of daily events are there to be read with the mind and heart of God.

Prayer itself should gradually become more and more reality-oriented. To pray is not to sit there and fantasize and daydream. To pray is to look at Jesus who is real and to believe more and more. The greatest of all reality is the presence of God in the world. God is the core reality from which all things derive their reality. What is not real does not belong to God.

Henri Nouwen

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