Sabbatical Journey

The Final Year

On September 1, 1995 Nouwen was given leave from his community at Daybreak to begin a sabbatical year, a year in which he had planned to devote himself especially to writing. It turned out to be indeed, a year in which he produced five books, his most prolific output in any comparable time span. Three were completed before his sudden death only three weeks following the end of the sabbatical. The remaining two were very near completion, namely Adam: God’s Beloved, and the book noted here, Sabbatical Journey.

Sabbatical Journey is the journal he kept while he was working on the other four books. He begins the journal: “This is the first day of my sabbatical. I am excited and anxious, hopeful and fearful, tired and full of desire to do a thousand things. The coming year stretches out in front of me as a long, open field full of flowers and full of weeds. How will I cross that field? What will I have learned when I finally reach the other end?” The question that now lives in the hearts of his friends.

(The Crossroad Publishing Company, NY, 1997)

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