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Henri was a passionate speaker who captivated audiences worldwide, and thankfully, Henri was frequently captured on video.

The Henri Nouwen Society is pleased to present several videos that are not available anywhere else.  See below, or check out our Youtube Channel.

See the YouTube channel

Journey of the Heart: The Life of Henri Nouwen

Narrated by Academy Award Winning Actress – Susan Sarandon | Producer & Director: Karen Pascal, Windborne Productions | Copyright 2006 | Not for Broadcast.

For Rights: blaise@windborneproductions.com

Who was Henri Nouwen?

Excerpt from the broadcast video “Journey of the Heart: The Life of Henri Nouwen”

Sue Mosteller talks about Henri Nouwen on Salt and Light's Witness Program

Excerpts from Salt+ Light Television’s “Witness Program”, hosted by Fr. Thomas Rosica, featuring Sue Mosteller, C.S.J. March 11, 2009.

Earlham College

Henri Nouwen is awarded Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, January 30, 1991. This is an excerpt from his address.

Henri Nouwen "Home Tonight" 2009

“Home Tonight with Henri Nouwen” is a ten minute preview video of workshop recordings that inspired a new book by Henri Nouwen.

Spirituality of Fundraising

Presented by Sue Mosteller, C.S.J. for the Diocese of Camden, NJ on October 22, 2009. Sr. Sue talks about Henri Nouwen and his unique vision of fundraising.

Daily Meditations Search Function

Introducing the search function for Daily Meditations.

Hollandse Meester - Dutch Documentary

A 25 Minute Documentary produced by Dutch TV – KRO Kruispunt.  Though much of it is in Dutch, it includes superb comments from Hillary Clinton, Robert Jonas, Gabrielle Earnshaw and Sue Mosteller.  Follow the Link to view: https://www.kro-ncrv.nl/kruispunt/seizoenen/seizoen-2017/hollandsemeester

Pure and Fresh Seeing: Henri Nouwen & Thomas Merton as Sacred Disrupters

Michael Higgins’ talk from the Spiritual Guides for the 21st Century conference at Yale Divinity School.

The Home Where I Have Been: The Restless Journeys of Thomas Merton & Henri Nouwen

Robert Ellsberg’s address at the Spiritual Guides for the 21st Century conference at Yale Divinity School.

Thomas Merton & Henri Nouwen: Western Explorers of the Christian East

Jim Forest’s presentation at the Spiritual Guides for the 21st Century conference at Yale Divinity School.