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Caregiving Books

“Healthy Caregiving: Perspectives for Caring Professionals in Company with Henri J.M. Nouwen”

Healthy Caregiving is an encouraging, reflective resource for professionals working in a care sector, including health care, social work, chaplaincy and other similar professions. Infused with the wisdom of Henri Nouwen, Michelle O’Rourke helps caregivers to become more intentional and wholistic in how they respond to those they care for every day.

Filled with valuable information, inspiring stories and questions for self-reflection, this book is a must-have for any caregiver who seeks nourishment in their profession.

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"Hope for Caregivers" book cover“Hope for Caregivers: A 42 Day Devotional in Company with Henri J.M. Nouwen”

Caregiving too often is reduced to a list of tasks – doing the things that another individual cannot do independently. In six weeks of daily devotions inspired by the works of Henri Nouwen and intertwined with Scripture and prayer, Hope for Caregivers summons us away from our lists for a few moments each day and draws us to a fresh framework for the experience of giving care.

This timely devotional is available for purchase for $20 (plus $10 shipping and handling per book.) Hope for Caregivers is  a wonderful resource for both professional and at-home caregivers. It also makes a meaningful and supportive gift to anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly caring for a family member or loved one.

$20 (+ $10 Shipping & Handling)
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“Courage for Caregivers: Sustenance for the Journey”

Drawing on the writings and wisdom of Henri J. M. Nouwen’s themes of caregiving, Marjorie J. Thompson offers a vulnerable exploration of caregiving intertwined both with her own many years of intimate caregiving of family members and collected stories of caregivers in varied settings and stages of life. While not shying away from the demanding physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of caregiving, Courage for Caregivers also celebrates the gifts of caregiving grounded in the belovedness both caregiver and care receiver share in God’s eyes. Practical leader guides and resources make Courage for Caregivers a tool that moves smoothly from individual encouragement to group and congregational ministry to develop support for the universal experience of caregiving.

· wisdom of Henri Nouwen

· the voice of practical experience
· caregiving stories
· retreat leader guide 
· small group leader guide
· enrichment resources
· inspirational quotes

$25 (+ $10 Shipping & Handling) U.S. Dollars
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“Courage for Caregivers: A Retreat Participant Workbook”

Used alongside Courage for Caregivers: Sustenance for the Journey, this inspirational workbook gathers caregivers to a day away to renew the energies and callings of caregiving and reflect on the belovedness they share with the people they care for. With wisdom from Henri Nouwen, Courage for Caregivers: A Retreat Participant Workbook invites caregivers to share their stories, and the workbook invites reflection on the gifts of caregiving that bring restoration for the season that lies ahead. At the end of the day, participants take home a workbook to continue journaling the ongoing story into the heart of God and celebrating the love that binds us to one another.

· teaching from the wisdom of Henri Nouwen 

· inspirational quotes
· note-taking space / personal journaling space
· reflection exercises

$12 (+ $10 Shipping & Handling) U.S. Dollars
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