Start A Reading Group

If you find Henri Nouwen’s books help you to strengthen your Christian faith and draw closer to the heart of God, you are not alone!  In fact, there is likely someone in your neighbourhood who reads Nouwen’s books for the same reason.  So, why not get together every now and then?

Starting a reading group is a very rewarding experience, and is easy to do.  We have discussion guides for many of Nouwen’s books that can be downloaded from the resource section or by contacting us.  Being part of a reading group offers opportunities for community, hospitality, reflection and spiritual nourishment.

For further ideas, read Jeff Imbach’s (past president of the Henri Nouwen Society Board in Canada) reflection below on what it was like for he and his wife to facilitate a reading group.



“Starting a Reading Group” by Jeff Imbach

Together with another couple, Joy and I invited ten people to gather for seven weeks to reflect on Nouwen’s book, Reaching Out. During the first meeting I introduced the basic format of a reading group, clarified the ground rules and showed the wonderful documentary about Henri produced by Karen Pascal called, Journey of the Heart: the life of Henri Nouwen.

We then spent two weeks on each of the book’s three movements. The first week was devoted to discussing the message of the section, purposely focusing on Henri’s intent, not on everyone’s opinions. In the second week we spoke honestly about our heart-felt response to the material. Each week we gave generous time for quiet prayer.

As the group’s facilitator, I was deeply touched by the group process. They had taken time to read and reflect on the section and were ready to share specific joys and struggles in growing toward solitude, hospitality and prayer.

We experimented with what was helpful as the weeks passed. One night we had a votive candle for each member on the coffee table, which they lit when it was their turn to speak. This made the time a very sacred and prayerful experience. I was delighted at how easy it was to organize the group and yet how meaningful it was for each person. I encourage you to discover the gift of a reading group experience.