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Our Second Birth recounts the interactions and reflections of Nouwen’s last year of life right up to a month before his unexpected death.

In his sabbatical year Nouwen relinquished worldly relevance to seek a quiet communion with God. He left his job at Daybreak where he had lived for nine years, to open up his time to an uncluttered connection with the divine.

Themes: Spiritual Life, Friendship, Henri Nouwen

Crossroad, 2006

Praise for "Our Second Birth"

"Great book for personal spiritual growth and reflection. Deals with grief if you are mourning the loss of a loved one."
"This is the first of Nouwen’s books that I have read, and I have found him to be inspiring. His approach to spirituality is simple and accessible."
"Nouwen’s journal entries are introspective, and he frequently returns to the topics of the importance of friendship and community, life, death, and spirituality."

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