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This book is an account of a ten-day visit Nouwen made to the parish of Santiago Atitlán in Guatemala at the invitation of Father John Vesey, a friend.  Vesey was the priest sent to replace Father Stan Rother who was murdered on July 28, 1981.  Nouwen is accompanied by Peter Weiskel, a friend and co-worker, who contributes photographs of the trip.  The book is “about the life of a martyr and the man who took his place.”

Themes: Martyrdom, Stan Rother, John Vesey, Prayer, the Church, Guatemala, Social Justice

Ave Maria Press, 1985

Praise for "Love in a Fearful Land"

"A simple and challenging true-life account of two priests who worked in Guatemala. Very different kind of book than I've read from Nouwen before, but worth a look."
"Nouwen shares the story of a man's deep love for the residents of Santiago Atitlan and his commitment to them even at the expense of his own life. It is a story that highlights the truth - love wins."
"Although it wasn’t what I was expecting – a straight biography of the martyred Father Stanley Rother, it is an interesting and worthwhile book, because it brings together in one book three incredible priests who never had the chance to meet."

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