Living Beyond the Success-Failure Syndrome


Living Beyond the Success-Failure Syndrome

September 11

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I hope you stay close to Jesus in the midst of everything. Jesus is, as you know, much more than a story. He is a source of life and is truly able to touch you deeply so that you can go beyond the success-failure syndrome. I really believe that it is possible for you to develop a simple life of prayer that can give you that “holy indifference.” By that, I mean the place where you feel so truly safe and so well held that the ups and downs of your life aren’t able to distress you or excite you. I have personally found much help in spending a little time every day just repeating in my mind a sacred text such as the prayer of St. Francis, “Make me an instrument of your peace. . . .” When I let these words enter deeply into my consciousness, something new in me happens and I am moved beyond the places where exultation or depression dwell.

Henri Nouwen

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