Our Team

Karen Pascal
Executive Director

Favourite Nouwen book:
Life of the Beloved

In this book, Karen believes that Henri captures the great intimacy that God offers each one of us.

William Finlay
Outreach & Development Manager

Favourite Nouwen book:
The Selfless Way of Christ

Will’s quest to be relevant, spectacular and powerful quickly took a nosedive after reading this book – though he still indulges in the occasional temptation to be funny.

Colette Halferty
Director of Philanthropy & Special Events

Favourite Nouwen book:
Adam, God’s Beloved

Having lived L’Arche for over 20 years, Colette has a very personal connection to this book.

Gabrielle Earnshaw
Consultant, Archives & Publishing

Favourite Nouwen books:
Can You Drink the Cup? & The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey from Anguish to Freedom

These are the books that Gabrielle returns to in times of trouble.

Sally Keefe-Cohen
Literary Manager

Favourite Nouwen book:
Love Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life

The tenderness, vulnerability, and spiritual reflections in this new collection provide inspiration and comfort to me and remind me of the priceless value of deep friendships.

Chris Wilson

Remi Tuck