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Our Board of Directors

Sean Mulrooney

Professor of Philosophy
St. Augustine’s Seminary & Regis College
Toronto,  ON
Favourite Nouwen book:
Reaching Out

Inspired by books like Reaching Out, Sean is working this year on a team that gives retreats to homeless people.

Raymond Glennon

Project Management Professional
Columbia, MD
Favourite Nouwen book:
The Road to Daybreak

Ray finds this a very appropriate book that parallels his own recent professional and spiritual journey.

Deborah Deacon

Communications Specialist
Canadian Mental Health Association
Toronto, ON
Favourite Nouwen book:
Bread for the Journey

This continues to be Deborah’s go-to Nouwen book, providing the daily grounding and re-focusing that is so needed in today’s fast paced world.

Marjorie ThompsonRev. Marjorie Thompson

Author, Teacher, Retreat Leader &
Presbyterian Minister
Nashville, TN
Favourite Nouwen books:
The Wounded Healer & The Way of the Heart

Marjorie returns to books like these for sustenance and appreciative memory of Henri’s presence in her life.

Henry_1Henry Freeman, PhD

CEO, H. Freeman Associates
Fundraising Consultant to Educational Institutions & Non-Profits
Richmond, IN
Favourite Nouwen book:
Spirituality of Fundraising

This thought-provoking e-book is a cherished compass on Henry’s journey as a fundraiser – and a faithful reminder of what it is all about.

Marla Konrad

Executive & Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Marla Konrad Coaching & Consulting
Toronto, ON
Favourite Nouwen books:
The Genesee Diary

This was the first Nouwen book Marla read, inspiring her to explore further the richness of the contemplative tradition.

Chris Pritchett

Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church
Salt Lake City, UT
Favourite Nouwen books:
Gracias, The Living Reminder,
In the Name of Jesus

Through Henri’s writings (and the practice of solitude) Chris is coming to know his own belovedness, that deep place from which he can be present with others.