Henri Nouwen Society

Our Partnerships

We are actively looking for organizations that complement our vision and mission in the hope that we may offer each other valuable collaboration and a larger impact in the world. We are convinced that it is better to do things together than alone. We would like to be of service in helping kindred groups and communities realize their visions.

What do we offer partners?

Our aim in developing partnerships is to join forces with others in order to foster and support a coherent and sustainable vision of community in our world today. We are blessed with a plethora of content from and related to Henri and also by our association with many Nouwen experts and friends whose various works and missions have been shaped by Henri’s teaching and legacy.

From this core content of books, lectures, homilies, notes, audio and video files—many published or not yet published—we have created:

  • study guides
  • publications
  • blogs
  • daily and weekly e-letters
  • workshops
  • retreats
  • academic curricula
  • spiritual direction

We conduct both public and customized retreats and workshops, and we provide editing assistance for the many books and articles focused on Henri and his teaching.