Our Team

Karen Pascal
Executive Director

Favourite Nouwen book:
Life of the Beloved

In this book, Karen believes that Henri captures the great intimacy that God offers each one of us.

William Finlay
Outreach & Development Manager

Favourite Nouwen book:
The Selfless Way of Christ

Will’s quest to be relevant, spectacular and powerful quickly took a nosedive after reading this book – though he still indulges in the occasional temptation to be funny.

Colette Halferty
Director of Philanthropy & Special Events

Favourite Nouwen book:
Adam, God’s Beloved

Having lived L’Arche for over 20 years, Colette has a very personal connection to this book.

Gabrielle Earnshaw
Consultant, Archives & Publishing

Favourite Nouwen books:
Can You Drink the Cup? & The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey from Anguish to Freedom

These are the books that Gabrielle returns to in times of trouble.

Sally Keefe-Cohen
Literary Manager

Chris Wilson

Remi Tuck