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Bread For the Journey

Bread for the JourneyA Daybook Of Wisdom And Faith

This ambitious undertaking clearly stands out, taking a place of its own in the Nouwen collection. Responding to a request from his publishers for a "Thought-a-Day" book, Nouwen rejected the traditional format of making a patchwork of already published material, insisting to his editors, "Everything should be new. He began the task by going into retreat and imposing on himself a strict discipline of rising early and taking pen in hand: I just sat down each morning, whether I had any ideas or not, and waited until my pen started to move and pull words out of my mind and heart." Four months later he counted 387 reflections. All that remained was to cut the loaf down to the size of the pan and put it in the oven. The final result: a veritable "Summa Nouwenlogica," covering the full sweep of the author's own intensely lived faith journey. Rich fare in small servings for hungry readers on the go. Excellent for gift-giving.

Translated in 13 languages.

(HarperSanFrancisco, 1997)

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